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Additional Clarifications



Foldable Posters


Systems utilized in the posters :

Grids, Typography, Image scale relationships, composition.

Interaction :

Composition , paper materiality, and foldability mimic how we interact with physical map brochures.

The typographic layout utilizes diagonal text boxes, the way the typography takes the viewers up and down mimic physical movement.


Systems in Design & Interaction

In-class presentation

The in-class presentations on my outcome using the website went well in general.
below is my personal evaluation in addition to the feedback I got from people.


  • confident about topic
  • solid research
  • solid mock-ups of the app in context


  • push the recreational aspect of the app (snap chat geofilters are a good idea but more is needed )
  • push the social interaction aspect
  • speed up research part
  • add other social media platforms